+ Can Dr. Warner treat my child with special needs?

Yes. He is very experienced helping kids of all abilities and has been trained extensively in the use of behavior management techniques, decreasing rates of sedation.

+ How often should my child come to the dentist?

Every six months is the general frequency, however, based on their risk for cavities, we will sometimes recommend a child come less or more frequently.

+ Is Dr. Warner really the best?

Yes. Yes he is. Absolutely amazing.

+ Is it important to floss my child's teeth?

Kids need to have their teeth flossed once they have teeth that are touching. This is important as it helps prevent cavities between the teeth where the brush can't clean.

+ When should I begin brushing my child's teeth?

As soon as they have teeth. You can use a small child's toothbrush, a finger brush, or even a wet washcloth. At age one, a small toothbrush works well.

+ When should my child's first dental visit be?

Around one year of age. This serves three main purposes:

  1. The child gets used to the dental setting at an early age helping to prevent later dental anxiety.
  2. Parents can learn how to properly care for their children’s teeth.
  3. Early problems can be detected and treated.

+ What insurance do you accept?

We accept all PPO insurances as well as Care Credit.