Dr. Warner is worth it!

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Warner and his staff. I found a cavity in my son who is 2.5 and had it filled by a different dentist then got infected. I did a TON of research on several dentists in the area and I ended up going with Dr. Warner to do the baby root canal which would have to be done under general anesthesia, which was the recommendation by several other dentists that I saw as well as my pediatrician. My son went on antibiotics and the infection was at bay, but the Thursday before the Tuesday he was supposed to have the procedure done I took him into see Dr. Warner because he had been acting funny. Dr. Warner and his team were super amazing. Even though the scheduled procedure was just 5 days away he recommended trying to see if the anesthesiologist was available on Friday after hours. Holly was on it, texting the Dr. and within like 10min had the appointment set. It has been a very emotional time, seeing my little guy having to go under. He ended up needing the tooth pulled and 7 other cavities filled. YIKES, for a mom who works hard to keep her kids healthy and brushes teeth everyday. And by the way, no one ever made me feel guilty for not having brought my son in sooner or for the extent of his dental work. In fact I felt like my son was treated like he was part of their family and was so incredibly impressed that these two doctors who both have families and young kids of their own would see my son within 24 hours and stay late to make sure that my son was taken care of. Every single part of the procedure was explained to me, the Anesthesiologist was awesome. During the weekend I had some minor concerns that were addressed by Holly and on Monday she called to check in my son to make sure everything was OK.  I'm so thankful to have this behind me and even though I hate driving to Encinitas from Oceanside I think Dr. Warner is worth it." 

-- Erica H.

Shawn Record